GIFT box - Give The Tea Box of the Month
GIFT box - Give The Tea Box of the Month

GIFT box - Give The Tea Box of the Month

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Give the Box of the Month to your favorite person!

This is the same great variety of teas that you get each month. This time, you can share with a friend, family member or other person you care about. Give the gift of health and flavor with a variety of teas that they can sample and enjoy.

Each box comes with:

  • A Green Tea
  • A White Tea
  • A Black (or Dark) Tea
  • An Herbal Tea
  • A Tea Basics Guide*
  • A "How to Make Tea" informational card*
  • A Reusable Tea Infuser*
  • A Handwritten Note Placed In Each Box (Choose the Note Below)
  • And OPTIONAL 1.5 oz Travel Candle for your box  (offers 9-11 hours of burn time)**

Gift boxes also available as in Teas of the month Club Memberships!

* Tea Basics Guide and Reusable Infuser will be included in only the FIRST box of

** Candle Option for Tea Club Memberships are ONLY available for the first box. If you'd like to give the travel candle for more than one box, CLICK HERE to place your order!

PLEASE NOTE: candles are ONLY shipped with tea boxes. At this time, candles can not be purchased as Stand-Alone Gifts. If you order more candles than Tea boxes, multiple candles will be added to each box.