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Our Story

Flavor!  is a celebration of life. The life you had, the life you have, and the life you want to have. It's all about expressing yourself and becoming your highest form of you.

Flavor! is a lifestyle brand founded in 2019 dedicated to celebrating, empowering, and healing women of color, especially African American women, with the things that we love. We do this through apparel, accessories, and the soon to be released "Flavor Box".  

Flavor! was born from the idea that Black women and women of color are MAGNIFICENT!! But sometimes we don't see it, don't realize it, or don't accept it. And because of that, our health - mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual - suffers.

The goal of Flavor! is to spice up your day, your life, and your health. Every step you take, ever item you wear, and ever thing you eat & drink should be improving your overall well-being. Flavor! is here to help you express your true self in all of your manifestations and to help you reach your goals of health and well-being... and look cute doing it!