Tea Box - 14 Day Cleanse Kit

Tea Box - 14 Day Cleanse Kit

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If you are looking for a simply and gently cleanse your system, this kit is for you!

Each day of this cleanse features 1 - 3 cups of tea specifically designed to help your body release waste materials & remove them from your body.

Coupled with a healthy diet, this cleanse is just what you need to reset, refocus, and renew your system. It's a not just a colon cleanse. It's a full body cleanse that is the perfect jump start to a healthier you!

Inside the box is:

  • Regularity - Colon Cleanse
  • Liver Cleanse - Liver Supportive Herbs
  • Body Balance - A Gentle Cleansing Tea for the Entire Body
  • Belly Well - A Tea that is Designed to Heal and Sooth the Digestive System
  • 1.5oz Travel Candle (Optional) *
  • Cleanse Basics informational

All Tea Boxes are shipped out on Wednesdays