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PRE-ORDER!!! Journals Shipped out by Feb 15

These beautiful, 90-day journals will help you decrease overwhelm and increase  focus on what's important by helping you eliminate all the extra noise that surrounds you each day.

Oftentimes, especially these days, we have so many messages, tasks, errands, lessons, opportunities, and time-wasters in front of us, that we lose focus on what's important - ourselves and our main goals.

This makes it REALLY tough to stay on track and often keeps us frustrated because we end up doing WAY too much and not enough of what is important.

NOW is the time to slow down, readjust your mindset, and focus on YOU!

This journal will guide you each day to help remind you to focus on the MOST IMPORTANT tasks that need to be done, practice Self-Love, show daily gratitude, improve your financial health, get physically fit, and do a little self-reflection.

Using this Self-Love journal will increase your confidence and sense of accomplishment as you get better at focusing on just a few tasks at a time instead of ALL the things at once.

This is the perfect gift for sister-friend who may be struggling with focus or those who want to learn to love themselves UNAPOLOGETICALLY!  

Inside these journals, you will find:  
  - Year in a Glance
  - 12 month overview  
  - 3-Month Goal Planner  
  - 3-Month Self-Love Plan  
  - Inspirational Quotes  
  - Sleep Trackers
  - Daily Journal pages
  - Financial Health Log  
  - "Let's Vent" Pages  
  - Relaxation Reminders  
  - And more!