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Flavor is HERE!!!

This project has been a long, LONG time coming and I'm SO Very excited to finally bring it to you. Over a year ago, I had the idea to bring you the absolute BEST quality teas, herbs, spices, and more. That dream has finally become a reality...


I present to you, Flavor of Health by FLAVOR! 

FLAVOR! is my line of Teas, Herbs, Spice Blends, Self-Care Items, T-shirts and more. The idea behind the brand is that everything you do should have a unique flair. It should be tasty, delicious, beautiful, functional, expressive... it should be YOU! 

The Tea Box

The Flavor of Health Tea Boxes feature a beautifully designed box that is filled with different tea blends that were specially picked to compliment one another and give your the best quality, unique taste possible.

Each box features a Green Tea, a Black Tea, a White Tea, and an Herbal Blend.There is a month's worth of tea in each box which allows you to have a different taste experience every day. Then, the next month you can try a DIFFERENT taste experience!

The goal is to help each person begin to drink more beverages that will promote HEALTH rather than making you more ill in the long run. If we can get in the habit of having a tasty tea time, we can begin to get that much closer to optimal health.

The Herbal Blend Box

Not everyone can handle caffeinated beverages. Because of that, the Herbal Blend Box was created. The herbal blend box will feature two different types of herbal blends. The first is a delicious blend of herbs that are soothing and delicious. The second box features blends that have more of a "medicinal" focus. These blends are not only delicious, but can also help you achieve your health goals one sip at a time.*

Spice Blends

The idea of offering spice blends began with Dr. Turshá's experience working with a Medically Assisted Water Fasting Clinic. The clinic promotes a "SOS Free" diet. This means that the foods are free from Salt, Oil, and Added Sugar. They use this diet because they have found that these three items have been creating poor health for generations! But the food can still taste good. If you have the right seasonings, your food can still pop with flavor and have your family coming back for more! [COMING SOON]


These t-shirts are an expression of the things that you love to say, you want to say, you NEED to say. Sometimes, you just have to "say it with your chest" and that's what the FLAVOR! t-shirts do. "Snarky", "Fun", "Empowering", "Silly"... just some of the terms that describe the Flavor T-shirts. You better git'chu one!

Self-Care Box

In order to be TRULY healthy, we must remember to take some time to relax, renew, and reexamine ourselves. Are we recharging our own batteries? Are we taking care of our own needs? Or are we giving and doing for others to the expense of our own health? Well, with the Self-Care Box it becomes easier to take care of ourselves on a regular basis without breaking the bank and without going out of our way. Self-Care Made Simple!

It's Time to Join the health revolution. It's time to add some FLAVOR!


*These statements have not been approved by the FDA. These herbs are not intended to diagnose or treat any condition. If you have a medical condition, talk to you healthcare practitioner before beginning any herbal, dietary, or exercise regimen.